Monday, October 14, 2019

Town Board

Town Board Meetings – Town hall

The Town Board meets on the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7:30 p.m. at Town Hall.  Minutes are posted on the Town website once they’ve been approved by the Town Board, typically at.  Contact the Town Office for minutes not posted here.  Meeting dates are subject to change.


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Regular Board Meeting Agenda
October 15, 2019 @ 7:30 p.m.

  1. Call to Order, Roll Call, & Pledge of Allegiance
  2. Confirmation of Compliance with Open Meetings Law
  3. Informal Public Comment Time
  4. Minutes of previous meeting: 17, 2019
  5. Chairperson’s Report
  6. Operator’s License: Amber Googins, Missouri Tavern
  7. Driveway permit: 5288 Scenic Ridge Trail
  8. Recommendations of PC:
  • PUBLIC HEARING –          Move to recess regular meeting and enter into a public hearing
      • Ayers / Butteris, Approx. 7730-7795 County Hwy. K;
      • CSM and rezone 1.01 acres from A-1EX to SFR & 43.43 acres from A-1EX to AG
      • Parcel Nos. 0808-302-9535-9, 0808-302-8340-0, & 0808-301-8540-5;

                                                         Move to close public hearing and re-enter regular meeting

  • CSM & Rezone: Ayers & Butteris, Parcel Nos. 0808-302-9535-9, 0808-302-8340-0, & 0808-301-8540-5

Motion by Mr. Pulvermacher, seconded by Commissioner Beglinger to grant the application for agenda item 7 with the following conditions:  the Butteris’ “split” is assigned to Lot 4, Lot 3 will have no buildings allowed; any driveways created on the two parcels will be reviewed by Middleton Fire District, and that the Right to Farm Notice will go on both Lots 3 and 4; Lots 1 and 2–the “split” for the home is from Lot 2 and will go on Lot 1; no buildings will be allowed on areas of 20% or greater slopes; the driveway will be reviewed by Middleton Fire District; a Right to Farm Notice will go on Lots 1 and 2; and that no “split” remains on Lot 2 and that we add the notations from GEC’s and MSA’s September 25, 2019 reviews pertaining to lot size irregularities to be corrected and the setbacks noted on CSM sheet 1 of 5.  Motion carried, 5-0.

  • PUBLIC HEARING –                   Move to recess regular meeting and enter into a public hearing
    • JAR Express, Inc., 6434 State Hwy. 19
    • CUP and rezone 3.28 acres from C-2 to COM zoning
    • Parcel No. 0808-121-8790-0

                                              Move to close public hearing and re-enter regular meeting

  • Hottmann Construction Design Review Application- security fence and dumpster fence

Motion by Mr. Pulvermacher, seconded by Commissioner Beglinger to accept the plan for Hottmann Construction’s screening of the dumpster.  Motion carried, 5-0. 

Motion by Commissioner Wolfe, seconded by Mr. Pulvermacher to accept the security fence proposal with the condition that the applicant will timely replace the plastic slats in the chain link to the Town’s satisfaction at the Towns’ request.  Motion carried, 5-0.

  • Zoning ordinance amendment – plumbing in accessory buildings

Motion by Commissioner Beglinger, seconded by Commissioner Wright to accept the ordinance amendment to the Town’s zoning, Item 10A on the agenda.  Motion carried, 5-0.

  1. Whippoorwill culvert and cul de sac
  2. CD Renewal
  3. September financials
  4. Ramo, LLC building
  5. Short term vacation rentals
  6. Old Business
    1. Blight
      • 7166 County Highway K
      • 7139 County Highway K
      • 7759 Martinsville Rd.
    2. Zoning Violation: 6236 Us Hwy. 12
    3. Kingsley Cemetery Garden Shed Maintenance
    4. Audit proposals
    5. Notice of opportunity to request a public hearing on the WI Hwy. 19 reconstruction
    6. Outstanding salt shed invoice
    7. Outdoor storage and violations
    8. Volunteer funds ordinance for EMS & fire districts
    9. Bittersweet Court Town road parking issue
    10. Hyer Road Drainage: Cross Culvert Abandonment
  7. Committee Reports
  8. Road Patrolman’s Report
  9. Clerk/Treasurer’s Report and Correspondence
  10. Approval of Bills as presented
  11. Adjourn

COMPLIANCE WITH THE OPEN MEETINGS LAW is certified.  Notice was given by posting this agenda at the Springfield Town Hall and on the town website. Meetings may be recorded.

The Town of Springfield will accommodate qualified persons with disabilities requesting such accommodations.  Please contact the Town Clerk for more information.            

All agenda items are posted for discussion and possible action by the body.

The members of other Town boards, commissions or committees may attend this meeting.  Even if a majority of another Town Board, commission or committee is present, that board, commission or committee will not meet, discuss or act on any business unless a meeting has been noticed.

Town Board

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