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Town Zoning Ordinance – Ch. 11

The Town adopted its own zoning ordinance (“Town Zoning Ordinance”) January 1, 2018. The Town Zoning Ordinance adopted and froze the previous existing zoning (“Legacy Zoning”) and directed any changes to zoning, use, or parcels require rezoning to Town Zoning. 

Quick Fact Sheets – setbacks, building dimensions, etc.

Appendix 1: Town Density Policies in the Exclusive Agriculture Zone

Appendix A: Legacy Zoning, Interpretations & Determinations

Legacy Zoning

Quick Fact Sheets – setbacks, building dimensions, etc.

Zoning Maps

The Capital Area Regional Planning Commission (CARPC) is one of nine commissions in Wisconsin established to coordinate planning and development among area municipalities. CARPC develops and promotes regional plans, provides objective information, and supports local planning efforts. CARPC’s planning region includes Dane County and the cities, towns, and villages with incorporated areas in Dane County. Zoning maps for the Town of Springfield are maintained by CARPC.

Town of Springfield Zoning Map

Zoning Permit Applications and Fees

C.U.P. – Conditional Use Permit

Jurisdictional Review

Land Use Permit Application

Zoning Change Application

Variance Application

Sign Permit Application

Land division/CSMs (Certified Survey Map)



Zoning Fees

Ordinance 2023-03 Zoning Amendment Creating a Conditional Use for Temporary Housing for Farmworkers