Thursday, July 29, 2021

Plan Commission

The Plan Commission is composed of six town residents appointed by the Town Board to three year terms, with two appointments each year in March.  Applications are available HERE and may be submitted to the Clerk.

Plan Commission meetings are typically held the first Monday of every month, except when an election is scheduled for the following day, then it is the following Monday.  Meeting dates are subject to change.  

2021 Plan Commission Meetings

Mon., Jan. 4th

Mon., Feb. 1st     

Mon., Mar. 1st  

Mon., Apr. 12th

Mon., May 3rd

Mon., June 7th   

Mon., July 12th   

Mon., Aug. 2nd

Mon., Sept. 13th

Mon., Oct. 4th        

Mon., Nov. 1st

Mon., Dec. 6th


Effective immediately, Town Board meetings and Plan Commission meetings will only be available in person; REMOTE ACCESS WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE, except by special request for extenuating circumstances, with permission of Chairmen Pulvermacher and Endres respectively.

The regularly scheduled Aug. 2, 2021 Plan Commission meeting has been cancelled; there are no new requests to be heard at this time.


Plan Commission

Jeff Endres (Chair)
(608) 849-8991

Bill Acker
(608) 239-8838

Stephen Beglinger
(608) 798-0400

Pamela Krill
(608) 206-0720

Ron Wolfe
(608) 831-8757

Matt Wright
(608) 843-1870

Jim Pulvermacher, Town Board Rep.
(608) 849-5772

Dianah Fayas Clerk-Treasurer
6157 County Highway P
Dane, WI 53529-9760
(608) 849-7887