Saturday, May 8, 2021

Plan Commission

The Plan Commission is composed of six town residents appointed by the Town Board to three year terms, with two appointments each year in March.  Applications are available HERE and may be submitted to the Clerk.

Plan Commission meetings are typically held the first Monday of every month, except when an election is scheduled for the following day, then it is the following Monday.  Meeting dates are subject to change.  

2021 Plan Commission Meetings

Mon., Jan. 4th

Mon., Feb. 1st     

Mon., Mar. 1st  

Mon., Apr. 12th

Mon., May 3rd

Mon., June 7th   

Mon., July 12th   

Mon., Aug. 2nd

Mon., Sept. 13th

Mon., Oct. 4th        

Mon., Nov. 1st

Mon., Dec. 6th


Video conference access:;  Meeting ID:  Springfieldtownhall

Phone conference access:  Dial in #  (978) 990-5000;  Access code:  405084        

MONDAY, May 3, 2021 @ 7:30 P.M.
via teleconference & video conference

  1. Call to Order, Roll Call—Commission and Attendees
  2. Confirmation of Postings for Open Meetings Law and Public Hearing notices
  3. Public Comment Time
  4. Approval of Previous Minutes: April 12, 2021 and Apr. 24, 2021 Site Visits
  5. Design Review: 6072 Darlin Dr., site preparation– grading, stormwater, ingress/egress, Muskie Dr., etc.
  6. Digester Landscaping and Building Impact review
  7. Public Hearing (Motions to enter/exit) & resultant PC action:
    1. CSM (using TDR program) and Rezones accordingly: 6483 Kopp Road, Waunakee
  8. Interview of Plan Commission member applicant: Ron Wolfe
  9. Old Business
    1. Rezone to COM & CUP application (contingent on purchase): 6251 Lodi-Springfield Rd.
    2. DISCUSSION: 5827 Hwy. P development proposal (former Joe Meier farm)
    3. Design Review Ordinance review and update
    4. Zoning ordinance amendment: Variances
    5. Zoning ordinance amendment: Kennel setbacks
  10. Communications/Announcements
  11. Adjourn

COMPLIANCE WITH THE OPEN MEETINGS LAW is certified.  Notice was given by posting this agenda at the Springfield Town Hall and on the town website. Meetings may be recorded.  The Town of Springfield will accommodate qualified persons with disabilities requesting such accommodations.  Please contact the Town Clerk for more information.  All agenda items are posted for discussion and possible action by the body.  The members of other Town boards, commissions or committees may attend this meeting.  Even if a majority of another Town Board, commission or committee is present, that board, commission or committee will not meet, discuss or act on any business unless a meeting has been noticed.



Pursuant to Wis. Stat. § 60.80, the Town of Springfield, Dane County, Wisconsin, hereby posts notice that at its regular Plan Commission Meeting held on March 1, 2021, the Plan Commission enacted Resolution #2021-01:  RECOMMENDING AMENDMENTS TO THE 2019 COMPREHENSIVE PLAN OF THE TOWN OF SPRINGFIELD, DANE COUNTY, WISCONSIN TO ADDRESS SOLAR FIELD SITING.

SUMMARY OF RESOLUTION:  The Plan Commission of the Town of Springfield hereby recommends that the Town Board adopt an ordinance approving an amendment to the Town of Springfield Comprehensive Plan to address Solar Field Siting.  The recommended amendment develops policies for solar field proposals, include ensuring that solar fields are not sited on the best farm soils, on lands intended for non-agricultural development, within viewsheds of residential areas, recreational area or Highway 12, or distant from existing transmission lines. The amendment indicates how many splits are utilized for solar producing acreage and includes provisions to minimize the possibility for obsolete or abandoned equipment being left in place in the future.


Plan Commission

Jeff Endres (Chair)
(608) 849-8991

Bill Acker
(608) 239-8838

Stephen Beglinger
(608) 798-0400

Pamela Krill
(608) 206-0720

Ron Wolfe
(608) 831-8757

Matt Wright
(608) 843-1870

Jim Pulvermacher, Town Board Rep.
(608) 849-5772

Dianah Fayas Clerk-Treasurer
6157 County Highway P
Dane, WI 53529-9760
(608) 849-7887