Trash & Recycling

The Town of Springfield is contracting with Pellitteri Waste Systems from 2022-2031 for Refuse and Recycling services. Containers should be placed out by 6:00 a.m.

BILLING FOR ADDITIONAL BINS: Residents will be billed for one refuse & recycling service on their tax bill as in the past, however additional bins will now be invoiced annually from Pellitteri Waste Systems directly, instead of being added to the tax bills. Additional carts are $99 per year.

For details on what can be recycled, bulky item disposal, new resident information and FAQs, please visit the Town’s page of Pellitteri’s website. Additional refuse or recycling carts and excess pickups can be ordered directly from Pellitteri Waste Systems at 608-257-4285.

Missed collections and customer service comments and inquiries should be reported directly to Pellitteri Waste Systems at 608-257-4285 and will be addressed by their locally staffed customer service team.

Weather Impacts/Updates or Sign up for service updates HERE or download the Pellitteri Waste app in your App Store

E-waste & Appliance Recycling

Hazardous Waste

Dane County Landfill