Town Comp Plan

The Town of Springfield Comprehensive Plan helps the Town preserve farmland and guide the amount, location, and quality of development over the next 20 years. The goal of the Plan is to preserve the rural, agricultural lifestyle within Springfield through careful planning, design, and placement of land uses; limited, clustered development in planned agricultural areas; community-sensitive regional transportation solutions; and intergovernmental cooperation to manage growth.

The Comprehensive Plan updates and replaces the Town’s Land Use Plan and meets all requirements of the State’s “Smart Growth” and Farmland Preservation laws. The Comprehensive Plan was prepared following over a year of study by the Town and several public input opportunities. The public voiced strong support that the Plan should help preserve farmland, protect rural character, and direct development to planned areas.

The resulting Comprehensive Plan document includes seven chapters and three appendices covering topics like land use, transportation, agricultural and natural resources, housing, intergovernmental cooperation, and implementation.

Future Land Use map