Town Comp Plan

Springfield’s Comprehensive Plan provides the Town’s vision and the policy guide for its future preservation and development over the following 10 to 20 years.  The Plan guides the Town in its decision making on requests for rezoning, land divisions, commercial development proposals, farmland and natural resource preservation, transfer of development rights, public services and improvements, and relationships with other units of government.  The Plan has been updated and amended over the past four decades in response to extensive public input and experience. 

Most property owner and resident interactions with the Comprehensive Plan is through its Future Land Use map and associated policies for each type of future land use shown on that map.  That map and those policies help the Town Board and Plan Commission determine how much, what type, and where development can occur in different parts of the Town.  The Town has also developed a series of maps that help determine how many residential development rights remain on each farm per Plan policies.