Park and Recreational Facility Impact Fee

Per Section 66.0617(7r) of Wisconsin Statutes, we are informing you of the potential uses of the “park and recreational facility impact fee” that you are being charged. 

Section 6.15(4) of the Town Code of Ordinances requires payment of a $1,000 per new residential dwelling unit impact fee to finance the acquisition of public parkland and development of park and recreational facilities, to the extent that the demand for which is generated by new residential development.  That fee amount is based on the Public Facilities Needs Assessment for such facilities, adopted by the Town Board on February 20, 2019.  The impact fee is to be paid with each New Home building permit application, unless the original developer of the subdivision paid the fee (not typical).  The fee must be used within 8 years after it is collected to pay the capital costs for which it was imposed, or else it is to be refunded to the payer of such fee.

Per the Public Facilities Needs Assessment, the Town intends to utilize the parks and recreational facility impact fee that you are being charged to contribute to one or more of the following capital costs:

  1. Acquisition and/or development of land in the Springfield Corners area for a “Central Town Park”, plus bike and pedestrian improvements for safe access to the that park. This may be the existing Pape Park, an expansion to that park, or some other parkland.  (The Town is currently leasing the land from the Wisconsin Department of Transportation for Pape Park.)  The Central Town Park is proposed to serve as the Town’s only “community park”, and may include permanent restrooms, playground equipment, a sports court and equipment, ancillary facilities like paved parking and lighting, and possibly other facilities and equipment as documented in the Public Facilities Needs Assessment.
  2. The projected Town share of a regional trail connecting Indian Lake Park west of the Town to the Village of Waunakee. This trail may follow Highway 19 or may diverge in segments (e.g., around the Waunakee Marsh).  The trail is assumed to be an off-road, shared-use, paved 10 foot wide path.

The Town greatly appreciates your contribution to its public park and recreational facilities, and welcomes you to the community and your new home!